A Comprehensive Introduction of Lyon Airport

Lyon Airport

Lyon, renowned for highly encouraging business conditions as well as handsome residential facilities, is the third biggest city of France. So, there is no reason for Lyon Airport to fall in the category of commonly reputed ones. The well established recognition and adorability of Lyon Airport together make it one of the busiest airports not only in France, but throughout the world. The airport, branded as Lyon Airport, was launched in 1975, and 40 years of prestigious service are at the bottom of its sky-kissing popularity.



How great it looks to have TVG train-road attached to the main airport! The tramway links the airport with several key parts of the city, Lyon. Shuttle service was preferred, which was available readily before the advent of tramway back in 2000. Nonetheless, since after its inception, it has outranked bus service basically by dint of its cost-effectiveness coupled with royal-quality transportation services.

Airport Bus Services

Airport bus service

For a long time, tramway has not been allowing any other mode of transportation to share its services. However, airport bus service formulating cheaper-price-formulas is somehow successful in attracting a handsome percentage of air-passengers towards them. Yes! You can hire buses on cheap rates not only to carry you to your targeted destinations, but also you can plan a leisurely go-round-trip to different resorts of the city if time allows.

Airport Taxi


Taxi service is also much more economical as compared to what you hire on some other airports. The cabs are fully customizable according to your mood-set and plans and for affordable and reliable transportation you can online book Lyon airport taxi. Arrange the seats for picnic-tour-mode and let the woofers blast, if you are on an informal trip with your family. Or, have the projector integrated and settings matching to some meeting room, in case there is some emergent matter to be discussed with your colleagues or employees on your way.

Shopping Plaza


You can shop for a variety of items from different shopping plazas and departmental stores located within the range of Lyon Airport. The luxury and choices available in this scenario are certainly outnumbering relating to many world-class airports.

Have a happy air-travel to Lyon!


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